Long Stay Discount

Stays of more than 28 days

The suppliers offer discounts at most properties for long stays - usually stays of a month or longer, but the exact periods for which the discounts apply vary. The discounts are programmed in the system so you will be able to easily see how much each apartment costs for the precise period you want. By using the Price Compare facility simply put in the arrival date, select the type of accommodation, and put in the number of nights, and you will get the complete list of apartments, with the correct prices in price order, with the discounts already worked out.

You can "refine" the search by, for example, ticking the Wheelchair Access box if you must have wheelchair access, or the Satellite TV, but this will greatly reduce the number of properties you will get in the list and the starting prices are likely to be higher.

If, when you have done your search and looked at the properties, you have any further queries or would like to check the availability of any apartments you are interested in, please contact us.

Stays of 6+ months

The properties in our website are mainly suitable for holiday lets and extended stays but are not intended for semi permanent living.

If you are looking for an apartment for 6 months or more we would advise you against committing yourself to such a period without seeing it and making sure that you are happy with the facilities provided, location, etc. We, therefore, suggest you book a shorter period, for example a month, and then call on local estate agents which specialize in long term property rental. You will then be able to visit the properties and be in a better position to gauge the market and see what is available for the price you are happy to pay.

As a guide, furnished one bedroom apartments are available from about 450 euros a month when leased for six months or more. In order to assist our customers we have compiled a list of these agents which you can request us to email you once you have booked your shorter stay.