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As far as we are able, we show all the standard facilities a property has on offer, ie Parking, swimming pool etc. If you are wondering about a facility which is not shown then please assume the property does not have it or it is not available as standard or at the shown price. For specific enquiries please contact us.

When apartments appear more than once it is because we obtain them from different suppliers. (They are denoted by a suffix, for example FA, FB, FV, BT, etc.)

Apartments in the same block will be structurally similar and, of course, they share the same common areas, such as swimming pool and parking. The main differences are in the way they are equipped, and this will be shown in the third paragraph of the description. For example do they have air conditioning, central heating, washing machine, satellite TV, etc. and are these facilities included or optional extras. You may also like to note any differences in the floors in which they are situated and the key collection details. Look closely at the individual descriptions (in particular the third paragraph and the symbols) to ensure the property you select has the facilities you need.

It can be quite difficult to decide which one to go for, so, If you are considering any of these apartments and would like further information or help in deciding, you are welcome to contact us.

To obtain the actual price and a nightly breakdown of the costs enter:-

  • the date you intend to Arrive
  • the number of nights you wish to Stay
  • the number of rooms against each room type you will need for your party.
and click the button. You will then be presented with a detailed breakdown of the actual cost of your stay.

The suppliers in Benidorm usually issue their Summer (May-October) prices between October and December, and their Winter (November-April) prices between May and July. You will, see in each apartment's Price Notes that it will say "Prices from May/November (and year) subject to change." The prices that are quoted are the months past. However, you can still submit a booking even if it only has a provisional price.

If you submit a booking for dates that are stated in the price notes as "subject to change" we will proceed in the following way. If the supplier accepts the booking at the current price we will confirm it to you as normal. If the supplier confirms it with a higher price we will consult you before proceeding. If the supplier confirms it with the price still subject to change we will confirm it to you with the following message:- "This is a provisional price as the supplier does not have next summer's/winter's prices yet. In the event of an increase you will be able to cancel or change it without charge.

If we confirm you the booking with this message we will still debit your card with €10 in order to hold the booking. Subsequently, when the supplier finally issues the prices, we will then either reconfirm it to you with the same price (which is what happens most of the time), or, if the supplier has increased the price (and we are unable to absorb the difference), consult you as to whether you want to keep the booking, change it or cancel it for a full refund

If you wish to proceed with your reservation, with the Proceed with Reservation checked, just complete and submit the Booking Form. You will receive an email confirming your instructions which you may like to review.

If you are not sure whether to proceed you can forward this quote to youself or a friend by checking the Send Quote to Friend

You should submit both types of booking requests in the same way. However when the status is "On Request" the apartment may not be available.

If your request is not available we will try to offer you sensible alternatives but we will not proceed to book any alternative without consulting you, and your card will never be debited until the booking has been confirmed by the supplier.

The difference is that when the suppliers only have two or three apartments left for a particular date they will put them "On Request", to try to ensure they are not overbooked. At this stage those apartments will be marked as no longer available on many websites. But we prefer to keep them on until we know that the dates are definitely not available because we are often still able to book them, especially since they are no longer offered on most websites.

So, if it says "Available to Book" it means that the supplier has not instructed us to put them "On Request" and, other than in very rare occasions, we will be able to confirm your booking.

When you submit the reserevation you will immediately receive an acknowledgement.
If the booking request is successful we will subsequently debit your card and email you a confirmation. If the booking request is unsuccessful we will contact you by phone or email, and where possible suggest alternatives. We will not proceed with any alternative without your agreement. Your card will not be debited until a booking has been made.
NB: If you have submitted your credit or debit card details we will always reply. If you have not heard from us it is important that you do not presume that we have not processed your booking. It is more likely that our email communications have failed or not been delivered. In this case please phone us on 0845 330 2500 (00 44 1689 660452 if you are not in UK) and ensure that you obtain a response.

Yes, just phone us on above numbers during our office hours (Monday-Friday 09:30-17:30 and Saturdays 09:30-14:30). For some properties we will be able to tell you instantly, whilst others may be On Request from our suppliers. However, If you definitely want the apartment if available, the way of giving yourself the best chance of getting it is to submit a booking with payment details. Experience shows us that if we submit a definite booking to a supplier for an apartment that is On Request we stand a better than 50% chance of getting it. Whilst if we only ask if it is available they find it much easier to say no and offer us alternatives. Also, even if they say yes, the delay in getting a reply, informing you and you then asking us to book, can mean you losing the apartment. As we say above, we will never charge your card without the booking being confirmed and we will never book an alternative without consulting you.

Yes, just €10 deposit will secure your reservation if booking more than six weeks ahead.

Nothing will be charged to your credit/debit card until your reservation has been accepted.

Full payment is required 6 weeks before the first day booked. You will receive a confirming invoice showing the amount paid, the amount outstanding and the date by which it is due.

There is no charge for payment by debit card.

There is a 2.5% charge for payment by credit card.

We will do our best to comply with your requests but please bear in mind that they are never guaranteed - these include requests for particular apartments, low/high floor, open/enclosed balcony, etc. Please make any requests known at the time of booking.

All the apartments with a wheelchair symbol have the necessary ramps, big enough lifts and wide enough doors for standard size wheelchairs. However none of the apartments are specifically equipped for disabled guests.

It is important that you inform us at the time of booking if you are a wheelchair user or if you have any specific requirements.

Most of the suppliers in Benidorm no longer have cots or high chairs for the apartments but there is a local equipment hire company, Amigo 24, who have all these things for hire and will deliver them to the apartments and pick them up at the end of your stay.

Most of the suppliers in Benidorm do not accept pets at their apartments. At the moment it is only possible to have a small dog at a few apartments. Look out for the pets symbol or contact us.

Ensure you inform us that you are taking your pet at the time of booking.

If you need to alter or cancel a reservation please either telephone us on 0845 330 2500 or email your instructions to us.

To see details of our Alteration and Cancellation Charges please see our Booking Conditions. .

Important: If you telephone to alter or cancel please ensure you obtain a Cancellation Number. If you write to us or email us please ensure you receive a response.

Once your reservation is accepted you will be sent an email confirming the details of your reservation with a Booking Ref.

In all further dealings concerning this reservation this Booking Ref should be quoted.

Likewise, if for any reason your reservation is rejected you will be notified by email.

Communication of payment information is performed using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This technology encrypts the information before it is sent to our server.

This precaution not withstanding, all payment information is removed from our web server at regular interval thus eliminating the physical link between the internet and this data.

All apartments are officially available from 17:00. In practice, however, most apartments are normally ready by 12:00. If you are due to arrive at the resort before 17:00 please inform us and we will inform the suppliers who will do their best to have your apartment ready for your arrival. However, this cannot be guaranteed, as sometimes extra cleaning or repairs are necessary between lets, or there are too many changeovers on the day. Most key collection offices close at 20:00 and are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

If you arrive when the office is closed they will leave the keys for you at a hotel or apartments with 24hrs reception. This information will be sent to you with your confirmation as it varies for each apartment. This alternative key collection point may not be near the apartments so please ensure you know where it is before booking transfers or making other arrangements.

You must vacate the apartment by 10:00 on your departure date. Failure to do so may result in you losing your deposit. If you have a late flight consider booking an extra day so that you can keep the apartment until you leave the resort. Alternatively, if you only need somewhere to leave your luggage for a few hours, enquire at the key collection point (agency or reception) and they will usually offer you a solution. However, the apartments do not have any official place for leaving luggage and wherever you leave it it will be at your own risk.

If you are leaving very early, before the reception or agency opens, contact them beforehand to arrange return of your deposit and keys.

These are the Public Holidays in Benidorm when the the key collection offices are usually closed:-

  • January 1st and 6th (Epiphany)
  • March 19th (Saint Joseph)
  • Easter-Good Friday, possibly also the Monday.
  • May 1st (Labour Day)
  • August 15th (Assumption)
  • October 9th (Valencian Community Day) and 12th (Spanish National Holiday)
  • November 1st (All Saints) and the Monday and Tuesday of Fiesta Week.
  • December 6th (Spanish Constitution), 8th (Immaculate Conception), 24th (afternoon), 25th and 31st (afternoon).
If in doubt as to whether it will affect you on arrival or departure please enquire.

Some properties may have satellite TV with some free to air channels such as BBC World, BBC Prime, Sky News and CNN, but none have Sky Sports or the other subscription channels. However, the majority of apartments just have TVs with Spanish channels, with perhaps EuroNews in English. Also, please note that at many properties it is either payable extra or coin operated.

My question is not listed in these FAQs